Virtual Dedicated Hosting
Virtual Dedicated hosting

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

The virtual dedicated hosting solution is a great way of acquiring a dedicated server, without having to pay for an entire physical machine, since that is usually quite costly. The virtual private web hosting is the perfect solution for anyone, who's looking for a more budget private hosting service. However, since the dedicated server hosting is a step above the casual web web hosting service and does require a little more research and technical knowledge, this article will discuss the basics of the dedicated hosting service and the primary features that one should look for in a virtual hosting package.

What is The Virtual Dedicated Hosting?

As the name suggests, the virtual dedicated hosting is a virtual machine, hosted on a physical such. In other words, the virtual server is a completely independent virtual server configuration, however, it is not an actual machine, but is instead created virtually on a physical server. This allows for the virtual server to have lower specifications than the modern dedicated servers, which of course, is the main reason for its lower marketing price. The virtual server has its own CPU, hard drive, network card, RAM and OS configuration, which are completely independent from the configurations of the other virtual servers, which are created on the same physical machine. This allows the virtual server owner to make various changes to the server's OS setup, without putting other users' accounts in danger, which allows for greater freedom in the usage of the hosting service. And since the CPU, hard drive and network setup is again, completely independent, the hosting service may be used for purposes which would otherwise be considered unacceptable on shared web hosting accounts. The virtual dedicated hosting may be seen in using various names, however, most commonly it is presented as Virtual Private Server, Virtual Server, or simply VPS.

Things to Look For in a Virtual Private Server Package

Since the web hosting market is a quite an overcrowded place, one should be very careful when choosing a web hosting package. The most important thing, when choosing a web hosting service no matter if it's shared or dedicated, is to look at the company's web site itself. Every serious web hosting company will have take great care for its web site, since 99.9% of the providers sell their services online. Today's web design fashion is a little strange. Web sites are commonly designed in different colors, videos are put on almost every page, Java and Flash are used in great numbers making the website to look a little chaotic and confusing, however, even then, the web site of a serious company is easily recognizable. When you find the virtual server offers themselves, take a look at the pricing. Note that a serious company will never set their prices too high, or to low. They won't be too low, since with such prices the quality of the service will suffer greatly and they cannot be too high, since then they won't be able to compete on the market. The best price is somewhere in the middle. In fact, the biggest and most experienced web hosting providers have almost the same services, in terms of pricing. The main difference is in what the packages actually include. When choosing the right VPS package, take a note for the features which are below the main package specifications. One of the most important things to check, is if the VPS package comes with a web hosting control panel, what is the control panel itself, does it have an additional price and if it does, then what is the price for it. Note that without a control panel, the VPS will be managed by manually writing commands through a root console, which can be extremely difficult, not to say impossible, for most users. Therefore, having a control panel is quite important. The most popular control panel, offered with a VPS, is the cPanel. However, not only that it is outdated, but the cPanel is also paid software. If a company offers cPanel with their service for free, then know that at least 10 USD/month are added into the package price, in order to cover the cPanel license. If you are not pragmatic about control panel and are not a fanatic follower of the cPanel software, then a great workaround is to sign up with a company which has developed a custom web hosting control panel. For instance,, offer their own control panel for free with all of the VPS packages. Of course, if you're used to using cPanel, then it will probably be best if you order a cPanel with the VPS.